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    I happened to know Alan Turing at his centenary year, reading his story on a newspaper. As I live in a town his parents used to live, I got interested and felt a kind closeness to him and started reading “Alan Turing The Enigma”, on which this film is based.

    So I was so thrilled by the announcement that Benedict would play Alan Turing in a film.

    Now we have watched its trailer. Ever since I watch the first glimpse of the film, I cannot get over the feeling I had got from Benedict’s performance. As always, he portrays Alan and expresses his frastration and sadness brilliantly. I was so moved that I even worry that if I can survive whole film at the cinema.

    In Bletchley Park, there were many other people who worked for code breaking, and Alan is not the only one who did great contribution to breaking German code. But without him, we might not be able to communicate with one another on tumblr like this!

    I wonder If he could have continued to live, develop his computer or do his academic studies…

    UK Trailer

    US Trailer

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    You know it’ll be good when the trailer hurts you like this. [X]

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