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Ask me anything   Random thoughts on every day life. I thought I would use this blog as a shrine of Sherlock/Benedict Cumberbatch *temporarily*, but now it's going to stay this way...
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    New Dunlop ad with another alternative ending - [x] 

    "Why does the teddy always have to come?"

    He looks quite at home in that setting.

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    New Pedigree DentaFlex ad - voice over by Benedict Cumberbatch

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    We’ve got a new image for all you Benedict Cumberbatch fans. Enjoy! Don’t forget to pre-order

    In case you need further incentive to buy the calendar here are 2 more photos ;)

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    Benedict Cumberbatch Makes Us Swoon in John Malkovich Interview [x]

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    Eadweard Muybridge, Woman Jumping / Running Straight High Jump, 1887, plate 156

    FYI, Gary Oldman got sponsor for the film about Eadweard Mybridge, to which Benedict Cumberbatch is attached…

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    "Watching The Imitation Game, I was struck by Benedict’s approach to Turing: the way he grasped and captured the man, not just the cliched genius. The film is all the more heartbreaking because of it."
    baz bamigboye (mailonline 28.8.14)

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